Un enfant (which means "Child") is the first and only single from Celine Dion's fifth French-language album "Chants et contes de Noël."

English LyricsEdit

A child
It unhooks you a dream
It brings it to his lips
And it leaves singing

A child
With a little luck
It hears the silence
And that cry diamonds

And they laugh
A not know what to do
And it cries
Seeing us cry

It falls asleep
Gold under the eyelids
And it sleeps
To make us dream

A child
It listens to the blackbird
That puts its pearls
The scope of the wind

A child
This is the last poet
From a world that persists
By trying to become great
And it asks

If clouds have wings
It worries
In snowfall

And it falls asleep
Gold under the eyelids
And it certainly
That there is more fairy

But a child
And we run the Children
A child
And here we are passing

A child
And we become patience
A child
And we are past

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